Here’s a thought: why not arrange a dinner party where everyone brings a little “something” to the table. No, not crock pots and casseroles… “something” different. Last Saturday, my husband and I were guests and contributors to the first-ever Collaborative Berkshire Dinner. Everyone pitched in: the Welds (Berkshire Mountain Distillers) mixed up pre-dinner cocktails, the Tesoros (Ooma Tesoro’s) prepared a delicious multi-course dinner and Doria Pollinger (HR Zeppelin) added the perfect finish to the evening with her decadent chocolates. I designed and printed the menus and our gracious hosts pulled it all together in their beautiful home. Host, Eric Korenman, photographed the evening (his beautiful work is below). The result was an unforgettable experience that lasted until the wee hours of the night. An amazing event and I look forward to the next! menucollagedinner