Where did August go?
Okay, just wondering… where did the last 31 days go? I think this is what Santa and his elves must feel like on December 24. This is the busiest time of year for me as I prepare and design projects for all of my school clients. Annual reports, handbooks,…
Sneak Peek: The American University of Paris
While my blog posts have been few and far between lately, it’s with good reason! Summers at Hammill Design are always filled with work for school clients as we prepare for the beginning of a new academic year.  The American University of Paris, has made this summer all the…
Sneak Peek: Berkshire School Viewbook
Planning, meetings, research, brainstorming, concepts, timelines, photographers, writing, editing… DESIGN!  I’m in the thick of the design of Berkshire School’s admission catalog and thought I’d share a sneak peek of the opening spread. Can a school campus be any more breathtaking?
Sneak Peek: Berkshire School Admissions
This postcard is just a tiny preview of what’s in the works for Berkshire School….
Sneak Peek: MCLA President’s Report
A lot of fun projects are in the works right now, including the MCLA President’s Report which has kept me pretty busy this past month. We’re making final edits and adjustments now as I anxiously await those four little words: “Send to the printer!”

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